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NFG’s residential team has a reputation for excellence, professionalism and we are proven to be one of the region’s best Facilities Management providers. We work closely with residential agencies and consultants giving you access to experience and expertise that only NFG can deliver.

Our property management services are a large part of our business and by working with our specialist management and residential team you can be assured your property is in safe hands.

  •  You will always receive a partner led first class specialist service.
  • We work closely with industry specialists to give you the best possible service and advice.
  • We are client led and our management will work closely with you to resolve queries promptly.

Our technical ability and experience in property management is second to none and allows us to provide a service that makes life that much easier for you.

  • We can look after your property interests no matter what the size.
  • We apply vigorous health and safety standards to all our staff, removing risk from residents, the public and contractors.
  • We ensure repairs and maintenance are carried out to our high standard, efficiently, on time and backed up by our measurement analysis on every project.



NFG Educational

Any individual working in an educational environment, whether staff or pupil needs a clean and safe environment to work in. Having access to the best facilities possible is key to nurturing talent and allowing individual growth.

At NFG we understand that the educational sectors require the very best in facilities management to make the most of limited resources and budgets to deliver the best educational platform possible. Students, Parents and Educational staff are now far more aware and looking for educational establishments that offer value for pupils, the correct environment, cleanliness and facilities/amenities that work reliably. These factors increasing weigh on a parent’s decision to send a pupil to a particular school, which university to study at and even which school a teacher is willing to work at. 80% of students say the environment they study in is a factor in choosing where to go.

NFG works with Schools, Colleges and Universities to design the very best facilities management programs and services there are for a given educational budget, delivering efficiency and value for money.

Each of our facilities management programs are bespoke and unique to the educational establishment they have been designed for, delivering a higher quality service.

Having an attractive, clean, well maintained building and amenities will attract potential parents, high quality staff and ensure your school or college has a reputation for excellence. Pupils learning in a clean and safe environment are much more likely to excel and take pride in their daily activity.

Our extensive experience of cleaning, waste management, property maintenance, electrical maintenance, lighting and security, along with many other core services, will ensure your school or college is amongst the best there is.


Commercial & Industrial


NFG Facilities provide tailored facilities management solutions to a wide range of companies and organisations in the commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Whether production line or electrical plant preventative maintenance, shop floor refurbishment, industrial cleaning and waste management or LED lighting for clean rooms and laboratories, at NFG we have a wide range of core, specialist and tailored programs to suit your commercial, industrial or manufacturing environment all backed up by an expert team focused on the client.

We deliver the very best in commercial and industrial facilities management that is geared to work in harmony with any modern manufacturing facility or office – from shop floor ablutions to the CAD and Engineering Departments.

We have worked in challenging environments, always delivering efficiency and reliability with professionalism and an extreme focus on health and safety.


  • We can ensure the reliability and safety of your valuable plant and infrastructure.
  • Enhance Staff and Employee comfort and productivity.
  • Secure and Maintain your assets.
  • Optimise and reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services.
  • HVAC, Cooling and Refrigeration.
  • Grounds and Car Parks Maintenance and Cleaning.
  • Building Refurbishment.
  • Waste Management.
  • Energy and Lighting Solutions.


Public Sector

nfg-public sector

NFG provides the very best in tailored facilities management programs for local authority and central government agencies.

Each year budgets are dwindling and cost savings need to be found and this is especially critical in such a public focused and accountable sector. Every pound has to be accounted for and every budget microscopically scrutinised.

At NFG we always deliver the very highest standard of service no matter what the budget and always deliver on our commitment efficiently, professionally and reliably.

As a local authority you have a brief to deliver the highest possible support for your residents and businesses within a budget that appeases voters and tax payers alike. We can work alongside you to deliver tailored solutions that both engage and support local residents, keep public amenities working efficiently and ensure your public buildings have a service plan in place so they are optimally maintained.

As many public sector building are historic we have the expertise to ensure that they are maintained with care and any heritage is well respected. We have a specialist and experienced team in place that is well managed for just those aspects of any work we carry out.

We can provide maintenance programs and facilities management for:


  • Landmarks and Memorials.
  • Parks and Open Spaces.
  • Public Ablutions.
  • Swimming Pool and Gyms.
  • Street Lighting.
  • Public Libraries.
  • Youth and Community Centres.
  • Police Stations.
  • Courts and Council Office.
  • Waste Management.
  • Energy and Lighting Solutions.
  • Historical Estates and Buildings.
  • Hospitals.
  • Educational Establishments.


Hotel and Leisure

Hotel and Leisure NFG

As a successful provider of facilities management in the Hotel and Leisure sector NFG is always striving for improvement to satisfy customer expectations and requirements. As a market leader in this sector we are always updating our services with innovative tweaks in order to suit the needs of individual clients.

NFG has a wealth of experience in providing tailored facilities management services at a level demanded by the hotel and leisure industry. We can deliver cost effective, efficient, reliable, on-time planned maintenance program as well as providing reactive and quoted services that enhance your business and drive down costs.

We have a unique and finely honed maintenance and services strategy which allows us to track the work we are doing for clients in real time and provide the very best in operational communication and management. Using this strategy, we have improved over time we are able to increase efficiency and drive down costs in your business.

Our Facilities management solutions are amongst the best in the UK and will add measurable value to your business and reward you with cost and energy savings.

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