Set your business an energy saving target

Compare your business with similar size businesses and measure how your energy budget differs from them. Are you better or worse in certain areas? Set your business goals and try to emulate or exceed the performance of your industry peers. Being greener not only saves money but also gives you a better standing in the view of your customers, clients and markets.

Don’t rest on your laurels

If you have a good handle on your energy usage and you are sure your building services and its management systems are second to none, as they were installed last year, don’t just stop there, energy technology is always moving on and improving. Always measure the performance of your business and aim to improve by setting annual goals to reduce consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. Switching the lights off in vending machines over the weekends are the kind of things you are aiming for. Another one – are your video conference facilities actually off or are they just on standby?


Create Rules and adhere to them

Put in place standard operating procedures, controls and instructions, measurement analysis and team exercises, so the whole of your organisation knows what is expected of them in reducing energy consumption. Having a good set of rules and procedures aimed at lowering your energy budget and getting all your staff to buy into will ensure your goals are reached. Lead by example and aim to be the best in your sector.


Inspect your building and plant

Carry out building and plant inspection and put in a plan to do this on a regular basis. Look for plant and equipment that could be turned off rather than being in standby or left idling. Inspect both at night and at peak times. Can equipment be switched off at lunchtimes and breaks? Does plant need to be on standby during the night and over shutdowns. Measure and evaluate your plants efficiency and evaluate whether automated and manual controls and procedures are doing their job. Get all your staff to buy into it.


Measure and analyse your energy consumption

Measure your energy consumption – measure and evaluate all buildings, plant, systems, exterior amenities such as car parks, vehicle usage and distribution.

Record your original usage and then track future consumption from those nominal figures to see if you are performing more efficiently. Put in place systems and procedures to control usage and eliminate waste. Highlight to all staff how waste impacts costs and how excessive energy usage creates a higher carbon footprint.


Be Accountable

Get all staff to buy into your energy reduction program and be accountable for ensuring end goals are reached. Reward energy reduction ideas and projects, reward those staff who are taking strides in reducing their energy consumption. Ensure everyone throughout the organisation is accountable and doing their bit to reduce the overall energy budget.


Always measure and analyse

Always ensure you have systems in place to record, measure and analyse your energy usage and associated energy usage reduction schemes. Measure trends and create a working group consisting of people from all parts of your business or organisation to push reductions forward and eliminate waste.


Ask a Professional

Don’t be too proud to ask for outside assistance. Using services such as those provided by NFG can help you put in place programs to eliminate energy waste. From upgrading building controls to LED Lighting, employing the services of a professional facilities management company can help you reap rewards from many different areas in any company.