Welcome to NFG Facilities

We provide a wide range of tailored facilities management services to enhance and maintain the buildings, core services and plant of many different organisations.

Our facilities management services, planned preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance programs ensure your company or organisation is functioning at peak efficiency and reliability. This helps you to be more productive and gives your staff or workforce an environment that is conducive to peak operational effectiveness.

Guarding against unwanted breakdowns and outages can save any organisation from failures in getting products out to market on time or in protecting critical processes, which lead to a loss of productivity and unplanned budget increases. At NFG we have extensive, professional experience in maintaining critical building services and infrastructure coupled with valuable support for processes such as building maintenance, energy saving solutions and janitorial duties.

Our expert team will provide support and increase the efficiency and availability of your building services, amenities and systems so you can operate without interruption. We also ensure that any work we carry out is tailored to your operational requirements, to minimise noise, staff disruption, production downtime, while also avoiding damaging your targets.

All work we carry out and any support we provide, from building maintenance to energy waste elimination, is delivered by a professional team in synergy with our partners. Our team and partners are fully qualified, accountable and professional, adhering to all UK legal requirements and legislation.

NFG also has an unwavering commitment to delivering the very best service using the latest in Health and Safety procedures.


NFG Facilities Certifications

Janitorial Services



For any business and institution having a clean building and amenities is an important factor. At NFG we support our clients with this vital service, providing an efficient team of experts that do not hinder or get in the way of your staff, customers and business processes. Our cleaning services are second to none and are delivered effectively and on time with extreme attention to detail.

We are always improving our processes and set exacting standards so our clients can be assured they are getting the quality expected of their customers and employees. All our managers and supervisory team report daily and directly to our senior management who also take a hands-on approach to ensure that each of our contracts are carried out in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We have a continuous improvement system backed up by audits, reporting and software systems that allow us to track and provide instant feedback on any process. This gives us the knowledge and flexibility to morph our processes quickly to any change and provide a service that is infinitely responsive.

Our services include:

  • Commercial Cleaning Services across all industries and sectors.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Carpet, Rug and Mat Cleaning.
  • Paper and Packaging Recycling.
  • Feminine Hygiene.
  • Washroom and Ablutions Servicing.
  • Kitchen and Drinks Supplies
  • Grounds and Car Park Cleaning.
  • Litter Picking and Disposal.





At NFG we provide a wide range of professional electrical maintenance services that maintain the day to day working and functioning of our clients premises and plant.

Using our electrical facilities management services ensures your company’s core electrical equipment systems and plant is performing at its best reliability and efficiency. Preventative electrical maintenance helps alleviate issues with breakdowns and downtime and ensures you and your clients are not hit with surprise outages that cost you performance, additional costs and ruin targets and deliverables.

We have extensive professional, qualified experience in maintaining critical electrical infrastructure and mission critical systems – including industrial plant, data centres, large retail centres, hotels and medical systems.

Our expert electrical team and associated services increase the efficiency and availability of your core systems so you can operate without interruption and we also ensure that any work we carry out is tailored to your operational requirements to minimise noise, staff disruption, production downtime and business targets.

Amongst the services we provide are:

  • Flexible, responsive and reactive call outs and repairs services.
  • 24 Hour Manned Telephones.
  • Planned and Preventative Maintenance Packages.
  • Plant and Production Facility Electrical Repairs.
  • Generator and Power Supply Maintenance.
  • Lighting Services.
  • General Professional Electrician Services.
  • Fire Alarm and Safety Systems.
  • HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation.
  • Testing and Certification.
  • NICEIC Approved.
  • Electrical Safety Register.

Our reliable professional experienced team is on hand 24 hours a day fully equipped with the necessary experience, knowledge, equipment and innovation required to keep your electrical infrastructure running 24 hours a day 365 days a year at peak efficiency and reliability.

Our team is used to working in challenging environments using the best health and safety practices so you can be assured that you are getting the very best quality of service.

All our work is certified and audited, measured and checked with a critical eye to ensure it works and works every minute of the day. Our work has to be of the very best quality as major electrical systems can and will have a negative impact on the people using them if they are not maintained to the highest quality and made safe at every opportunity.




We can provide a range of mechanical maintenance services that ensure the efficiency of your systems and plant are world class and will not fall over under extreme stress.

Our planned maintenance programs are carefully designed and audited to give you the best possible reliability backed up with many years of professional knowledge.

Our mechanical services team include experts in plumbing, steam services, refrigeration, HVAC, sheet metal, shelving systems, cooling, production line facilities, welding, fasteners and many more engineering sectors.

Using our professional facilities management services ensures your company’s core mechanical equipment and plant is performing at its best. Preventative maintenance programs help alleviate issues caused by breakdowns and ensures you and your clients are not hit by downtime that cost you performance, additional costs and destroys productivity. Planned maintenance programs ensure that all your equipment is always ready to work at 100% operating efficiency and allows your staff to maximize productivity – there is nothing more sapping for a workforce than trying to work round reliability issues in plant due to a lack of preventive maintenance.

We have extensive professional, qualified experience in maintaining critical mechanical infrastructure and mission critical systems – including all industrial and commercial plant.

Amongst the mechanical and planned maintenance services we provide are:

  • Flexible, responsive and reactive call outs and repairs services.
  • 24 Hour Manned Telephones.
  • Planned and Preventative Maintenance Packages.
  • Plant and Production Facility Mechanical Repairs.
  • Generator and Compressor Maintenance.
  • General Professional Mechanical Maintenance Services.
  • HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation.
  • Testing and Certification.
  • Maintenance and Repair of Commercial Refrigeration.
  • Laboratory Systems Maintenance.
  • Steam Distribution Networks.
  • Boiler and Water Heating Systems.
  • Swimming Pools, Sanitary and Water related plant and services.
  • Chillers and Coils.
  • Valves and Penstocks.
  • Conveyor and Roller systems.
  • Industrial and Commercial Shelving.





Having your HVAC system maintenance handled by NFG will give you a clean comfortable environment and will ensure you have full documentation to cover UK legislation.

Due to successive recessions and budgets being diminished, maintenance carried out on many HVAC systems has been pared to the bone. This means a lot of in place planned preventative maintenance programs have been cut and organisations have moved to reactive maintenance when things go wrong.

Reactive maintenance is expensive and time consuming, only maintaining an HVAC system when it breaks can be hugely expensive and even dangerous, leading to risks from Legionnaires and similar.

Air Handling Units are complicated and finely tuned mechanisms and inadequate maintenance puts strain on fan motors, compressors, chillers, cooling circuits and filters as dirt builds up and causes the system to work harder than it should to maintain the correct level of air conditioning. This additional strain can and will lead to earlier breakdown and also increases the cost of running any AHU. Any of the above components failing can mean days of downtime and expensive repairs.

At NFG we can help you put in place a planned preventative maintenance program for your AHU system, whether large or small, to ensure its working at 100% efficiency and is saving on energy costs. A PPM program will also highlight any components that are near to failure, allowing that part of the system to be replaced in a planned and controlled way, over a weekend for example. This minimises disruption to your business and its staff. NFG Planned Maintenance Programs include:

  • A full suite of maintenance works for AHU and HVAC systems whether small or complex.
  • Ensures your Air Conditioning systems are operating at peak efficiency.
  • All work carried out in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Fully trained and accredited HVAC Engineers and Service Engineers.
  • Audits and Maintenance Records created and maintained.
  • R22 Refrigerant replacement and removal.
  • System monitoring and Energy saving audits.
  • Analysis of your current system for operating efficiency, loading, peak times and capacity.
  • HVAC Cleaning programs to remove potential threats such as MRSA, E.Coli, Legionella and remove odours and debris.
  • Checking of HVAC drainage and water traps.
  • HVAC Ductwork maintenance and cleaning.





NFG Facilities Management provide a range of building refurbishment services that cover anything from a small office reception area to refurbishment of a large retail or commercial premises.

We are able to provide refurbishment services ranging from small projects that take less than a week to large building projects that will take many months or years to complete.

Our building refurbishment programs are second to none as they are backed up by experienced Project Managers and a dedicated and skilled team. All our work is audited and checked against current legislation to ensure that you are getting the best quality works.

We have many years’ experience in delivering high value projects on time and within budget and have an unmatched health and safety record. We employ a continuous improvement program to ensure all aspects of our business are always up to date and as efficient and effective as possible.

So if you are planning refurbishment of an urban educational establishment, a retail premises on the outskirts of a town or a small office within a village, NFG have the skills, experience and expertise to carry your project through from start to finish.

We can refurbish:

  • Educational and School Premises.
  • Libraries.
  • Historic Buildings.
  • Retail Premises of all sizes.
  • Offices and Commercial Property.
  • Factory and Shop Floor.
  • Washroom, Toilets and Ablutions.
  • Commercial Flooring.
  • Tiling, Walls and Ceiling.
  • Suspended Ceilings.
  • Hospital and Medical Facilities.
  • Church and Religious Buildings.
  • Reception Areas.
  • Multi Floor Buildings.


Project Works & Management



NFG Project Management and Works services include the management of everything from minor works to full construction projects.

Our flexible and professional team are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of health and safety, environmental and sustainability legislation, operations and construction.

We can plan projects and works around your existing staff, systems and infrastructure to minimise disruption to your ongoing business processes and also to give you the most cost effective options.

We will provide a fully detailed and comprehensive project scope and a report that is fully itemised, shows all costs, procured and costed items, equipment and infrastructure and also provide management reporting and regular project and budgetary updates.

All works we carry out are planned in accordance with and adhere to all UK legislation and will include full Health and Safety and COSSH assessments on your behalf.

NFG Project Management Services:

  • Property and Plant Surveying.
  • Property and Building Condition Audits and Inspections.
  • Planning Issues.
  • Design Coordination and Management.
  • Value Engineering, Value Planning, Value Analysis and Value Management.
  • Alteration Projects and Works.
  • Extensions and Improvements.
  • Office Changes, Refits and Refurbishments.
  • Building Modernisation and Redecoration.
  • Construction Management.
  • Project Planning.
  • Plant and Machinery Installation.
  • HVAC Installation and Building Controls.
  • Site Refurbishment.
  • Interior Planning.
  • Employee Churn Management.
  • Procurement.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Sustainability.
  • Tailored to your Business or Organisation.


Energy Services



With our Energy Management Services, you can expect to save anywhere from 10%-45% off your annual energy consumption.

We help our clients get the best value possible from existing and new energy contracts, help reduce consumption, lower carbon emissions and your C02 footprint and also increase energy efficiency. NFG will help you become greener and also prove that you are greener to your industry peers and clients.

We have many clients that have benefited from our energy efficient advice and management programs, from small shops and businesses to large multi-national entities with many hundreds of facilities and offices.

With a team of expert advisors and specialist partners we manage many energy meters including smart meters and we have access to tariffs from all the UK energy suppliers so we can find the most efficient and economical plan for your business.

Using NFG Facilities Energy Management programs can save your business money, drive down your energy costs and also improve your reputation as a leading green company.

NFG Energy Management Solutions include:

  • Energy Supply Transfers.
  • On site energy auditing.
  • Real Time Energy consumption reporting.
  • Management of multiple utilities.
  • Energy Dashboards.
  • Energy Consumption Forecasting and Historical Data.
  • Energy Advice and Practical Solutions.
  • Supplier and Invoice Issue Resolution.
  • Water, Gas, Electricity, Telephone and Internet Utilities.


We will require some basic information to get started such as who your current suppliers are, a recent invoice and a few other minor details. You can expect to reduce energy costs by between 10% and 45% to start with and in time be able with our help, to add additional savings as they are identified. Even simple solutions like switching off vending machine lighting while not in use can bring savings.

Our extensive audits will server to highlight problem areas in all aspects of your energy usage from staff habits to billing anomalies.


LED Lighting



Using our LED Lighting management services will ensure that your lighting is energy efficient, has a lower carbon footprint, requires less maintenance and is far more cost effective than traditional tungsten and other light bulb types.

From Design to installation we can plan and procure the very best LED lighting technology available today. We can install it within your building so you can go forward knowing that you are making effective use of your energy budget. You can then highlight to customers and peers your energy use is as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

NFG LED Lighting offers:

  • High Quality LED Lighting System Design and Installation.
  • High Quality CE Approved Products.
  • Project Guidance and Expertise from start to finish.
  • On Site Consultancy.
  • Lighting Surveys and Audits.
  • Systems Designed and Built to CIBSE Guidelines.
  • Up front Project Pricing so you can budget.
  • Reduce Energy Bills


Our LED Lighting specialists have experience in providing LED Lighting solutions across a wide range of sectors including:

  • Agriculture and Farming.
  • Aircraft and Aviation.
  • Car Parks.
  • Educational and Libraries.
  • Food Production.
  • Health and Medical.
  • Hotels and Leisure.
  • Industrial, Engineering and Manufacturing.
  • Office and Retail.
  • Public and Private Sector.
  • Sports and Fitness.
  • Transport and Distribution.
  • Storage and Warehousing.
  • Street Lighting.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

PPM Planned-Preventative-Maintenance


Our planned preventative maintenance services (PPM) help you prolong the life of your plant and services to avoid unplanned downtime and disruption to your business processes. PPM minimises breakdowns and allows your plant to be as economical as possible.

As with all machinery preventative maintenance ensures that working systems are always running at peak efficiency and reliability and allows you to foresee breakages before they occur which means repairs are generally far more economical and take less time than repairing a full breakdown.

It is crucial to have a PPM program in place especially after installation of new plant as this will ensure it’s kept running as efficiently and with the utmost reliability. If you have recently installed new plant and have no PPM in place we are experts in guiding you through the process so you can be safe in the knowledge your crucial process is not going to fall down and destroy production targets.

We can provide PPM programs without endangering running processes whilst adhering to UK plant and building laws. Our PPM programs will not create problems with plant manufacturers honouring warranties and will also adhere to any insurance policies you have in place.

Our aim is to resolve any problems you have quickly and on time without creating other issues. If during our PPM we discover unforeseen problems with your plant we will always provide you with a detailed report and discuss the financial impact of those problems.

We carry out our work proactively and professionally whilst adhering to your businesses cultural policies and always use highly skilled and competent team members to carry out our PPM services.

At NFG we measure our performance using KPI’s and can provide the following:

  • 24 Hour service with manned telephones.
  • Estimates and quotes provided to you within 7 days.
  • Urgent services as and when required.
  • Highly expert and multi-skilled maintenance engineers.
  • We adhere to all applicable Health and Safety Laws.
  • Professional equipment fit for purpose.
  • Up front PPM Pricing so you can budget.
  • Reporting direct to you and your teams.
  • Bespoke Maintenance contracts tailored to your business processes.
  • Customer and plant manufacturer liaison.
  • Health and Safety certified personnel.


Facilities Management you can rely on

At NFG Facilities we understand how important it is for your business to have a partner it can rely on.

We offer a market leading approach to facilities management that is reactive, innovative, well planned, compliant and professional. We have a wide range of clients from varying sectors and offer comprehensive services for your building and business maintenance requirements.

If you require urgent assistance or are looking to have a planned preventative maintenance program put in place nationally, NFG have all the skills and expertise to be your partner of choice.

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